domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

GSoC First Week (June 14-21)

My project submitted to GSoC has been accepted!

Great start!!
In order to get involved with Sage development the first week of work I had the opportunity to attend Sage Days 48 .
This workshop was very inspiring for me. I meet other sage developers and their work.
I learnt about the different ways to contributing sage and the easiest way to do it.
What I most liked it was the introduction to Sage @ cloud. Here you can find a description of this project and what you can do with it: Sage Cloud

This tool has become esencial in my project.
Advantages I have with Sage cloud:
-multiple open windows (with synchronized files! :) ) So you can test what you just changed in the source code, without being opening and closing windows and files.
-all you can do with a terminal
-share the project with my mentors
-I can work everywhere without needing my laptop.
 In conclusion, so far, it has been very very convenient. And, I'm still discovering and exploring how to take advantage of this awesome tool.

I leave you the link of the presentation by William Stein in case you want(you should) to know more about it.

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