sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

GSoC Sixth Week (July 20-27)

This week I've been documented and tested the functions I have so far, with the final purpose of opening  the ticket. Which I have done. Here I leave you the link:

About the function "covering_rad()": I merged it with the existing one "covering_radius()". By parameter "algorithm" you can indicate wich one you want to use. "Algorithm = guava" use the pre existing  method (requires GAP optional packages guava). And "algorithm = None" is my implemented functions which doesn't requires optional packages.

I also changed the subroutine "insert_next" because I ordered the list every time I inserted a new element, I didn't need it. So now every time I insert a new element simply it looks for the right place with respect to the specified order.

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