lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

GSoC Second Week (June 24-29)

The work for this week was to implement a function which, given a linear binary code, returns the Groebner representation of itselt. This Groebner representation will after, help us to compute the groebner basis of the ideal asociated to the linear code. You can check the details about this Groebner representation and algorithm here: Algorithm

The process for this function implementation was as follow:
-Understand what it is already implemented about monomial orderings
-Implement sub-functions as insert_next, next_term and member (see pdf above)
-Implement funciton groebner_representation

Code of this funcions: Code

Also, this algorithm has been tested with examples. This work you can see it at cloud sage. My project "Grobner_Project" is public but only my mentors and I can modify it.
After complete this algorithm for computing the Grober basis I'll make the patch.

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi Verónica,
    You can add here some examples. Moreover you already know how to retrieve some numerical parameters from the whole set of coset leaders, I will suggest you to add more documentation about your work to this post!!

    1. Ok. I'll work in the examples for this function.
      And I just posted another entry with the things you mention, and some examples.

  2. In this post I mention that my project is public at Sagemath cloud, but still it's not implemented that anybody can browse public projects in Sagemath cloud. This may change within the next weeks. As soon as I can share the link I will post it.
    Anyway, if someone is interested in watching the project I can add him as collaborator so you can see it.