miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

GSoC Preparing Ticket

By now I'm preparing the ticket for Sage.
Here I leave you the documentation I have so far. It suppose to be parte of LinearCode class in linear_code.py
Please let me know any comment about the way I do it. I tried to follow what developers guide says but I could be missing something.

Possible Ticket documented

I also leave you the .py file, because in the preview(above) somethings get changed. (for example you can't see the different color in commented lines...)


Note: About the functions I have, all of them receive a degree ordering (instance of TermOrder class).
I'm thinking change it, and instead it could receive a string with the name of the degree ordering, then I create an instance of TermOrder in the function. I think would be much more intuitive.

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